Standing Desk Legs

Do you want a wood standing desk? Are you more of a standing type? Add Woodsy Standing Desk Legs for a 3 monitor set up In minutes. Also crafted from solid Maple, Walnut, or Cheery the Wood Standing Desk Legs are 40 inches tall. Compatible with Woodsy Desk.

Get more than you bargained for

100% Solid Wood

Like all of our products, Standing Desk Legs is made out of solid Maple, Walnut, or Cherry based on your preference.

Built To Last

Standing Desk Legs is built to last. All Woodsy Add-Ons Utilizing no particle board, fiber board, or plywood.

Sustainably Made

At the heart of everything we do is sustainability. From sustainable materials to half the carbon emissions of our competitors.

5 Minute Assembly

Install Standing Desk Legs in just a few minutes. And disassembly is just as fast without losing strength.

Made in America

It wouldn't be a Woodsy product, if it wasn't made in America. The wood is also sourced from the USA.


Add multiple Add-ons to your Woodsy desk with no problem. No need to limit yourself to just one.