Woodsy Desk: The magical
modular solid-wood desk.

2-Minute Assembly.

By the time you've read our competitor's instructions
you'll be done assembling Woodsy furniture.

Woodsy Fast Furniture Assembly

Ample Room For Activities.

Woodsy Desk is 4ft x 2ft, supports up to 300lbs,
and stands 28 inches tall - standard desk height.

Woodsy Desk Top

Recyclable/ Biodegradeable.

Wood. Cardboard. Paper pulp. Twine. Woodsy furniture is made by the earth for the earth.

Woodsy Recylcable Organic Furniture

Finished with an organic oil.

We finish each piece in an oil made from pressed seeds. It's non-VOC, non-toxic, and child safe.

Woodsy Organic Finish Non-VOC Desk

Sustainably harvested.

We use American Maple certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. For each purchase a tree is planted.

Woodsy Sustainable Desk

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Shipping Summer 2022.
First-come first-serve.