Introducing Woodsy Desk


When crafting Woodsy Desk, we use only solid walnut, maple, and cherry sourced from the USA. It's in our name, after all.


Woodsy Desk is built to be expanded. Add a keyboard tray, computer stand, and more in minutes.

5-Minute Assembly

Woodsy Desk assembles in under 5 minutes with no little wrenches or tools. And it only takes 1 person.

Cable Management

Designed to hide pesky wires, Woodsy Desk offers a variety of add-ons to neatly hide your cables.

Built Tough

Carved out of a single slab of solid wood, Woodsy Desk supports 250 lbs and includes a 5-year warranty.


By manufacturing Woodsy Desk in the USA, we eliminate expensive overseas shipping and reduce CO2 emissions.

Infinitely Customizable.

Infinitely Customizable.

Your life changes every few years, why doesn't your furniture? Woodsy Desk is designed to be modular. Make a standing desk, add a keyboard tray, and more in minutes.


A beautiful desk that was very easy to put together. Strong and well crafted. I'm a happy customer.

Lara C.

I love walking into my office and seeing it, it brightens up the room, provides a blank canvas for me to get inspired, and even smells great bc of the natural wood. If I could reason getting 50 of these desks, I would. But that'd be a little much, so I have to settle and just keep 1

Gabrielle H.

After two years working from home on a folding table, I was long over due for a realdesk. I searched everywhere. All the of desks at the big box stores felt like I was settling and didn’t feel right... I instantly knew I found thedeskI was looking for. Thisdeskis exactly the size of my folding table, solid wood, easy assembly... and a very much needed improvement from my folding table.

Lindsay S.
100% Solid Wood

100% Solid Wood

We use solid wood sourced from the USA for a reason. Woodsy Desk will last forever. Our competitors just put a thin veneer over particle board, ensuring their desks end up in the trash after a few years.


What kind of wood do you use?

We use only hard solid woods in our furniture. This means we currently offer Walnut, Cherry, and Maple sourced from the United States. Our competitors often use what's called "engineered wood" on the inside of their furniture - which is a melted combination of wood and plastic.

Where is woodsy desk made?

Woodsy Desk is proudly made in America using American wood. By keep manufacturing within the USA, we reduce expensive overseas shipping, supply chain delays, and reduce the carbon footprint of your desk by more than 80%. It's better for the economy, the planet, and your wallet.

What is the difference between solid wood and plywood?

Solid Wood is exactly what is sounds like. Solid chunks of wood that are joined side by side. If you cut a piece of solid wood in half, all you would see is more wood. Plywood is made bits and pieces of wood (and sometimes other stuff) that are blended and glued together into a board.

That's why at Woodsy, we use only the best stuff. Solid Walnut, Cherry, and Maple sourced from the USA.

What is wood-veneer furniture?

Veneer, is a thin layer of wood, that is glued on top of another material. Much of online Wooden furniture is manufactured like this. This furniture looks great in pictures, but in person, you can tell it's just quite real wood. So at Woodsy, we use only a solid slab of wood, and machine that down to your furniture.

Better Price. Better Value.

You won't find another solid maple desk on the market for this price. And that's because we work directly with lumber suppliers, not overseas manufacturers, to purchase your wood. Cutting out the middlemen not only saves you money, it means we also support American jobs in forestry and milling. Win. Win.

Sustainably Made in the USA

Sustainably Made in the USA

We believe in making the best furniture in the world, and for the world. By manufacturing in the USA, we reduce CO2 emissions 80% versus our competitors who manufacture overseas.

Pet and Family Safe

We're inventing a new type of furniture at Woodsy that we call Organic Furniture. Made from only natural woods, environmentally-friendly oils, and recycled packaging - Woodsy Desk is from the earth for the earth.

Formaldehyde Free Desk

We avoid nasty chemicals and use olnly organic, Non-VOC finishes, paper packaging and natural solid woods in Woodsy Desk.

No Tools Desk

That's right, no tools, screw drivers, or little wrenches to assemble your Woodsy desk. Just slide and lock the pieces together with handscrews.

Scandinavian Desk

At Woodsy, we design heirloom furniture. Timeless and minimalist - our engineers are inspired by Japanese joinery and the Scandanavian design.