Exceptional design. Exceptional quality.

We started Woodsy with a simple idea.

That furniture can be better.

Better Buying

Free shipping. No sales tax. And no sneaky fees. The price you see is the price you get, with no surprises at checkout.


Better Shipping

Fast shipping. Flat shipping. No "supply chain shortages" here. Your desk is shipped within 2 weeks.


Better Assembly

No tools. No screws or hardware. This desk assembles in minutes, not hours. Just 4 legs, braces, and a tabletop.


Better Materials

We make our desks of 100% wood, which means they will last a lifetime. That also means they have an industry leading 10-year warranty.

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The last
you'll ever buy.
We call most online furniture, trash furniture. Only because after a few years, it's in the trash. Sure it's cheap and looks great in pictures - but you know when it arrives at your doorstep - that the quality isn't what you wanted.
That's why we started Woodsy. All we wanted was furniture that lived up to our expectations. If it says "wood", it should be made of wood. If it says "high-quality", it should last decades.
So our furniture is made of 100% wood, and has a 10-year warranty. Woodsy is your final furniture. The last desk, chair, cutting board, you'll ever buy.
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Better Buying.

Sales Tax Included.

We work sales tax into the price of each piece of furniture, so you're not surprised at checkout.

Free Shipping.

No minimum order quantity, no surprise bill - we work shipping into the price of each piece so you're not shocked at checkout.

No Sneaky Fees.

No $10 "handling" fees, or minimum order quanity. The price you see is the price you get

Better Assembly.

Assembled Fast.

You won't need a friend to help you put this together. Each Woodsy piece assembles in minutes.

No Tools Required.

Because each piece slides and locks together, you won't need a wrench or any screws for our furniture.


Expand each piece with a set of accessories. Our desk can be outfitted with a keyboard tray, and more.

Better Shipping.

No Delays.

We don't have "supply chain shortages" here. We have a manufacturing process that ships your desk in less than 2 weeks.

Free shipping.

Did we mention the free shipping? You'll never a penny more than what you see listed as the price.


Every Woodsy piece ships flat and is built in minutes, not hours. No tools, screws, or friend-coming-over required.

Better Materials.

100% Wood.

We partner with local sawmills to use only 100% wood in your furniture. No particle-board, MDF, or cheap laminates.

10 Year Warranty.

Your furniture is built to last, not built to chuck. That's why it's backed by an industry leading 10-year warranty.

American Made

Each piece is finished by a craftsman in America, with their own unique signature on the bottom.

Sustainable at its core.

Local Lumber.

We partner with local sawmills to source your wood from the same state we build your furniture.

Fewer Emissions.

Local sourcing and American factories is a recipe for lower emissions. In fact, we emit 50% less CO2 than our competitors. And are aiming for a 95% reduction by 2024.

Trees Planted.

For each 1 piece of furniture purchased, we plant roughly 20 pieces with for our grandkids.

1 Last Reason to Buy Woodsy.

Most furniture takes about 25 ft of wood to make. So we plant a tree for each Woodsy product you buy. Which grows to around 600 ft of wood - about 20 pieces worth.

For the lumber we do use, we avoid any particle board, MDF, or plastic. Ensuring sustainability from start to finish of your desk's life.

And by manufacturing and shipping from the U.S., Woodsy reduces the carbon footprint to get each piece to your door.