We sell wood furniture that's actually affordable.

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6 Reasons to Buy Woodsy

Made of 100% wood.

No particle board. No cheap laminate. At Woodsy, we only use real wood. From Baltic Birch to Walnut we love it all!

Assembled in minutes.

You won't need tools to put this desk together. Each piece of a Woodsy desk just slides and locks together in minutes - not hours.

Made in America.

Overseas manufacturing can use awful working conditions. Our furniture is made in the US, where we pay a living wage.

Ships fast.

No "supply chain shortages" here. We've designed a resilient manufacturing process that ships your desk in less than 2 weeks.

Free shipping.

No minimum order quantity, no surprise bill - we work shipping into the price of each piece so you're not shocked at checkout.

Actually affordable.

With a smarter manufacturing process (and a lack of greed), we don't tease lowering our prices - we actually keep them low.

Four legs, support beams, and a tabletop. That's it.

You won't need a little Allen wrench or any tiny pegs to put this desk together. And you'll never have to contact the manufacturer because they forgot to pack your screws.

Buy Woodsy Desk

4 More Reasons to Buy Woodsy

Sustainable by design.

From avoiding plastics and metal, to planting trees to replace the wood we use - we're committed to protecting Earth's resources.

Modular / Upgradeable

Built-in expansion rails on the bottom of your desk support a keyboard tray now, and limitless accessories down the road.

Non-toxic finish.

We finish our furniture with Danish Oil, a natural oil made from seeds that's used on cutting boards. But please, don't lick our tables.

Ready to move.

Furniture that takes an hour to put together... takes an hour to take apart. Save time for better things during your next move.

1 Last Reason to Buy Woodsy.

Your desk takes about 25 ft of wood to make. So we plant a tree for each Woodsy product you buy. Which grows to around 600 ft of wood - about 30 desks worth.

For the lumber we do use, we avoid any particle boards, MDF, or plastic. Ensuring sustainability from start to finish of your desk's life.

And by manufacturing and shipping from the U.S., Woodsy reduces the carbon footprint to get each piece to your door.

Ready to own 100% wood furniture that supports U.S. jobs? Buy Woodsy.

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