Woodsy, a Furniture Startup Bringing Manufacturing Back to the USA, Announces Funding Round and Launches Kickstarter

California-based Woodsy announces first product and pre-seed round to take on fast furniture.

Los Angeles March 23rd, 2023 – Woodsy, a California furniture startup manufacturing affordable solid wood furniture, announced its first product on Kickstarter, surpassing its funding goal in 6 hours. Woodsy also announced a pre-seed round led by angel investors.

Woodsy Desk is the first product from a brand poised to turn the fast furniture industry on its head.

“There’s an old rule in furniture design that you can never have all three: good design, good materials, and a good price. You have to pick two. With Woodsy, we’re breaking that rule,” says CEO David Chippendale, on what inspired him to start the brand.

To accomplish all three has not been easy; Woodsy had to simultaneously reinvent furniture manufacturing to drive down costs and emissions while also reinventing how furniture is assembled.

The Sustainable Future of USA-Made Furniture
The team at Woodsy realized early on that the only way to make furniture affordable was to do something unintuitive: bring manufacturing back to America. “By designing products that can be produced locally in under an hour, we keep prices low and quality high,” says Chippendale.

Woodsy had to rethink how furniture was made and embraced robotics early. The result has been impressive: using a hybrid workforce, Woodsy Desk can be manufactured in under an hour and reduces CO2 emissions by 80%.

Simple Assembly and Customizable
The futuristic thinking behind the brand didn’t stop at rethinking manufacturing; Woodsy’s team had to take on a more daunting problem: the poor user experience of furniture. “A lot of furniture is just bad,” says Chippendale, “it takes forever to put together. It’s not customizable. And the materials break down quickly.”

With those problems in mind, the team took years to prototype and validate the market for Woodsy Desk. But the result is impressive: Woodsy Desk can be assembled in just 5 minutes, is entirely customizable, and is made from solid slabs of Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.

More To Come
With Woodsy Desk released, the team at Woodsy is already looking towards the future. “There’s much more to design. We have planned a catalog of 64 pieces. We’re 1 in,” says Chippendale.

Contact: david@getwoodsy.com

Kickstarter: https://getwoodsy.com/kickstarter

Press Release: https://getwoodsy.com/woodsy-announces-funding

Our Co-founders

David Chippendale

CEO - From 2016 to 2022, David was the CEO of Chip Studio, a technology company that builds software used by Fortune 500 companies. While leading Woodsy, he also serves as the CTO of Nexcom Global, a public company in Denmark that develops Artificial Intelligence.

Pete Schlebecker

Head of Design - Pete has been designing and manufacturing furniture for the past 39 years and has a Master's Degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. Prior to founding Woodsy in 2019, Pete worked at RockPaperRobot as the Head of Fabrication.