Introducing Woodsy Desk. The first desk you'll ever love.

Woodsy Desk is a modular, solid wood desk that takes 5 minutes to assemble. It's made in America out of solid USA Walnut, Cherry, and Maple.

From $319 in Solid Maple

100% Solid Wood

Using only 100% Solid Maple, Cherry, and Walnut sourced from the USA. Woodsy Desk can support a remarkable 250lbs and will last for decades.

Cable Management

Woodsy Desk was designed to be modular and expandable. Add cable organizers, cable hooks, or route your cables through the legs.

Easy Assembly

Woodsy Desk takes 2-minutes to assemble and requires no tools, screws, or hardware. It is perfect for those who hate packing and unpacking.

Safe and Sustainable

Woodsy desk uses organic wood, formaldehyde-free glues, and a non-toxic finish. It has no sharp edges, metal, plastic, or small parts.

250lbs Weight Capacity

Woodsy Desk is built take take a beating. Stack your dumbells and whatever else you want on it.

Made in America

From our wood shop in California, to the solid Maple, Cherry, and Walnut we source from American forests. Your purchase supports American foresters, carpenters, and delivery drivers.

Customize Your Color

Pick Walnut and make an almost black gamer desk, or choose Maple for a natural wood desk look. And if you really feel crazy, choose our unfinished option and paint it yourself.

Tech Specs

Woodsy Desk is 4ft x 2ft (47.5" x 23.5" to be precise), supports up to 262lbs, and stands 28 inches tall - standard desk height. If using the standing legs, it is 40 inches tall.