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The Problem with Trash Furniture

We call companies like Wayfair and Overstock - Big Furniture. And there's a reason why their furniture so often ends up in the trash...

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Wood is expensive to ship. The further that wood travels around the world, the more expensive it is for you to buy. Big Furniture makes most of their furniture overseas, making it almost impossible to use real wood - while also being affordable.

Woodsy takes a different approach. We make all of our furniture in America and are pioneering a new way of manufacturing - we call it Minimum Mile Manufacturing.

Our goal with MMM is to reduce the distance between the forest your desk comes from, to the factory your desk gets made in, to your door itself. The advantages of MMM are huge:

Currently, we source our wood from Finland and its neighboring countries and manufacture in the United States. Whereas a desk sold by Big Furniture from the same forest, shipped to Vietnam for manufacturing, and then sold in the US travels around 14,000 miles - our process takes around 7,000 miles - a 50% reduction. But we know we can do better. Our goal is to reach a 75% reduction by the end of 2022. And a 90% reduction by the end of 2023.

So if you want furniture made of 100% wood, that supports American jobs, spews less CO2 into the atmosphere - all for an actually affordable price. Buy Woodsy.